“Simply put, Jason provides tremendous value. His strengths lie in his honesty and an ability to quickly assimilate his worldview—informed by an impressive background In finance and as an analyst—with the unique particulars of a given industry. His ability to uncover previously unseen elements of our firm, despite having no previous knowledge of the industry, then follow leads based on those elements to ultimately produce anticipated and unanticipated deliverables that we will benefit from in the short, intermediate, and long term, was gratifying. I believe Jason possesses great natural curiosity and passion for his work as a consultant, and in my mind there is no better predictor of success”

– Andrew Deibler, M.D. / CEO

Scenario Planning Helps Company Prepare for a Range of Outcomes During Pandemic.

One of the largest non-hospital radiology practices in the U.S., Triad Radiology Associates (TRA) has been providing imaging and image guided procedures to patients across North Carolina for more than 50 years. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, TRA is a highly subspecialized radiology practice comprised of 50 physicians and 8 APCs.


  • Conduct competitive analysis to understand Radiology industry
  • Revenue concentration
  • Identify new revenue streams


  • Assessed revenue concentration risk
  • Assessed liquidity position and access to credit
  • Performed competitive analysis – researched largest radiology and teleradiology companies to understand business models
  • Built a business case for starting a teleradiology company
  • Developed list of target companies to solicit business from (hospitals, ortho, imaging centers, neurology, multispecialty groups)


  • Created 3 Year Financial Plan for several scenarios including:
    • Baseline (most likely)
    • Covid-19 remains for several years
    • Lose existing contracts
    • Win new contracts
    • Develop Teleradiology business
  • Created pitch book to present to prospective hospital / practice clients
  • Organized meetings with executives at potential healthcare practice clients

New Vision

  • Large Teleradiology opportunity to offer services nationwide.
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