Are you ready to take your business to the next level? This is a foundational exercise that all businesses can benefit from. The focus is on understanding the goals for the business and the strategic options available to achieve these goals. There are many levers that can be pulled and decisions that can be made to improve financial performance quickly. The process is comprehensive and generally lasts 68 weeks. Here are the key aspects of the Review:


  • Industry review
  • Identify key business segments
  • Primary products/services
  • Essential employees

Assess Needs and Identify Measurable Goals

  • Interview members of the team to understand goals, challenges, and opportunities

Information Gathering

  • Identify data sources
  • Outline the pricing process
  • Understand the distribution channels
  • Review the marketing plan

Preliminary Analysis

  • Data crunching and analytics

Preliminary Findings

  • Highlight key business opportunities
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