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What does your process look like?

Our business consulting process consists of three phases: a discovery phase, a planning phase, and an implementation phase. We work very closely with the client, acquire relevant documents and data, meet with employees, and analyze the numbers and information we receive within each phase. However, our business consulting services vary by client. No two companies are precisely the same, so we tailor our services to fit the needs of each client and their industry. We can coach you through each phase, explaining what objectives you should target, and are there to help build and implement an effective plan.

What industries do you work with?

At Rare Strategies, we don’t care what sector you’re in – what matters to us is helping your business become more profitable and achieve maximum potential. We’ve worked with a range of companies in industries such as consumer goods, financial services, health care, real estate and advertising. Our methods work across industries and products. The basics of optimizing a business are the same.

What’s the job of a business consultant and what makes you different?

At Rare, we define a business consultant differently than most. While a typical business consultant provides advice and then walks away, we’re a company that takes the time to learn about your business and industry before offering advice. Throughout our process, we won’t just offer empty words or goals that aren’t attainable. We view ourselves as your partner – someone who’s willing to put in the work to yield meaningful results. Our goal is to find and harvest profitable opportunities after taking the time to analyze and see the full scope of your company. Most importantly, we stick around to help implement our own advice! Throughout the process, expect to feel uncomfortable. A crucial part of our process is implementing change which forces you outside of your comfort zone. We provide an outside perspective and tools that will help your business change in the best way possible.

Why does my company need a business consultant?

If you’re searching for a business consultant in Winston-Salem or consulting services in North Carolina, it’s for one simple reason – you know you can do better. Settling for minimal profit margins isn’t something you want. You’ve come too far to quit now! You need a business consultant if you’re dissatisfied with your current financial performance and need an independent perspective to tell you where you can improve. We have a unique lens that allows us to see your business in a way no one else can.

Where do you serve?

We offer business consulting services in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, and other areas throughout North Carolina, such as Charlotte and Raleigh.

What specific types of services do you offer?

Yes, we offer a strategic business review, revenue accelerator services, financial forecasting, scenario planning, competitor analysis, product review, pricing analytics, relationship profitability, and risk management services.

How long do services take to complete?

Every service is different. Some can be done in as little as 2 weeks, while others take months to complete. We can identify your service needs and a rough timeline during our initial consultation.

What services do I need?

Before we can identify what services you need, we provide a free analysis of your business and walk through your top challenges. From there, we can decide on a course of action and select the services that will help increase your profit and promote growth.

What are your consulting rates?

Every service is different, so our rates will vary depending on your industry’s best course of action. This is something we can discuss after an initial assessment of your business. We charge based on the profitability we can create for you, not based on hours worked. Our primary goal is to make you more money!

How long until we see results?

Depending on the services selected, results can be seen in a matter of weeks or months. Results greatly depend on the client’s commitment to change and openness to implement our advice. Without the willingness to change current strategies, results will not materialize.

Do you have examples of your work?

We have two actual client case studies you can review – Bluebird Self Storage and Triad Radiology

Our uncommon, unfiltered business advice is designed to make you feel uncomfortable. If we’re not having tough conversations, we’re not doing our job, which means we’re not adding real value. If you’re ready to change your business’s trajectory, then it’s time to contact us for real advice and results.

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