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At Rare Strategies, our business consulting goes far beyond giving advice. Here, our goal is to provide our clients with the valuable insight they need to shape and evolve their business into what it’s meant to be. As a business consultant in Winston-Salem, NC, we can provide you with business consulting, financial consulting, consumer goods consulting, and strategic vision services customized to fit your company. Together, we can increase your annual profit, provide you with the tools you need to improve your products and maximize your company’s long-term potential.

Business Consulting Goes Beyond Giving Advice

Over the years, business consulting has earned the reputation of supplying companies with advice, with little to no follow-through. If your business growth is at a standstill, the last thing you need is half-baked recommendations that lack vision and implementation. At Rare Strategies, our business consulting services in North Carolina go far beyond giving advice – we spend our time conducting thorough research, acquiring reliable information, and forming a tangible plan around client-specific objectives. As a company specializing in small business consulting in Winston-Salem and other regions throughout North Carolina, we strive to provide our clients with the answers they need to maximize their annual revenue.

What is Business Consulting?

In our eyes, business consulting is a suite of services that dives deep into your company’s financial, strategic, and product performance, objectives and develops an effective plan of action. We’re not just here to give advice – we’re here to eliminate problems and implement solutions that change your business from within. We know that change can be intimidating, but the alternative leaves your income at a standstill. You simply won’t see the growth you and your business deserve if you don’t take action. That’s why Rare Strategies is here to help your company work through current roadblocks and deliver results that count. Think of us as partners – we’re here to roll up our sleeves and get to work alongside you.

As a business consultant in Winston-Salem, we firmly believe that great business consultants take the time to learn all about your company and industry, so they can tailor their services to suit your needs. This way, we can find the most profitable opportunities that accelerate your business’s growth. The collaboration between the consultant and the company is ultimately what drives a client’s success. Here, your perspective matters. We love working through unusual problems and challenges, but what really helps is client insight. Small business consulting in NC is our passion, and our years of experience combined with your industry expertise can set you up for long-term growth and success.

What Business Consulting Shouldn’t Be

Business consulting requires an open mind and willingness to change, so the last thing your company needs is a consultant who lacks the enthusiasm, time, and awareness to understand your industry. A business consultant should never:

  • Offer Recommendations with Minimal Research
  • Avoid Communication and Collaboration with the Client
  • Provide Unrealistic Recommendations
  • Leave Before Implementation

At Rare Strategies, our name reflects our company mission – to provide uncommon, unfiltered business consulting advice. When it comes to our core values, everything about our company is upfront and unmistakably honest. As a business consultant in Winston-Salem, NC, we’re here to provide data, solutions, and results that catapult your business to the top of your industry.

Embracing Strategic Change: Our Discovery, Planning, and Implementation Processes

Before our clients achieve their desired results, we must first complete three phases – discovery, planning, and implementation. We ask our clients to do two things during each of these phases: embrace change and go beyond their comfort zone. Why are these two steps so necessary? Because business consulting can be an uncomfortable process. Our clients will hear many difficult truths and uncover underlying problems that have likely been there for a while. While it can be hard to swallow, real change occurs outside your comfort zone! Going beyond what’s safe will generate growth, income and push your business in the right direction.

At Rare Strategies, we work alongside our clients throughout each phase and help them address any initial fear before we move forward. As the best consulting firm in North Carolina, we don’t sugarcoat our recommendations – our goal is to get your business on track. Now, let’s dive into our phases and their processes.

The Discovery Phase

As a consulting firm in North Carolina, we are familiar with a multitude of industries. However, our discovery process allows us to dive deeper into your business and is a time where we gather relevant data and information. While we try to do this as efficiently as possible, we view your business through a unique lens to find high-quality results and information, so it takes a few weeks to understand your business from within.

During our discovery phase, we perform the following:

  1. Research Your Industry and Main Competitors
  2. Identify Key Business Segments
  3. Identify Major Products and Services
  4. Review Current Marketing Plans
  5. Perform Data Analysis of Provided Documents and Information
  6. Speak With Team Members

By the end of the discovery phase, we will have analyzed important data, identified key issues and growth opportunities, and discussed high-level recommendations and next steps. As business consultants, Rare Strategies understands how important it is to understand the key aspects of your business before moving forward – that’s why we conduct a very extensive discovery phase for every client.

The Planning Phase

After the discovery phase, once the client has digested the information, we move forward with the planning phase. The planning phase is when we take our results and collaborate with the client to find solutions to what was uncovered during discovery. Our planning phase is more in-depth and usually includes step-by-step guidance and instruction, so our clients can fully understand what comes next.

The planning phase moves forward as follows:

  • Formulate Action Plan
  • Share Plan, Goals, and Objectives with Client
  • Discuss Our Involvement with Client
  • Decide Which Team Members will Implement the Plan
  • Regroup with Client to Review

Once the plan’s finalized and everyone’s aligned on the goals and objectives, it will be easier to implement change and yield measurable results. While business consulting might implement many changes, the process helps your business achieve the success it deserves in our last phase.

The Implementation Phase

The last phase is known as the implementation phase, and this is where we put our plan into action. We try to reach tangible goals during this time, such as eliminating unnecessary expenses and generating consistent profit growth. While many business consultants depart after the planning phase, at Rare Strategies, we remain active throughout implementation to help with execution. We do this by:

  • Helping Our Clients Implement the Plan
  • Observing and Recognizing Change
  • Helping Clients Navigate Unexpected Roadblocks

At Rare, we’ve successfully helped implement several plans that helped our clients achieve their desired goals. Examples include:

  • Bluebird Self Storage
    • We conducted a strategic review of their business to help create additional revenue and help capitalize on their existing brand. Through our findings and recommendations, we were able to increase pricing that reflected their premium product, develop a third-party property management company, hire leadership to help establish their presence in major Canadian cities and acquire several third-party management contracts.
  • Triad Radiology
    • Triad Radiology Associates is one of the ​largest non-hospital radiology practices in the US. That had a desire to diversify their revenue base and understand more about their growing industry. Once we identified their challenges and offered our advice, we created a 3-year financial plan for various operating environments, made a pitch book for approaching new clients, and arranged meetings with hospital executives, changing the potential scope of their business. Our client found the scenario planning exercise extremely beneficial as we developed 6 scenarios during a pandemic. This work helped them prepare for the years ahead.

Our process isn’t easy but the results are worth it! If you have the right outlook and are willing to embrace change, your company can thrive. As business consultants in Winston-Salem, no matter your industry, we can generate long-lasting effects that make businesses more profitable throughout North Carolina.


Industries We Work With

If you’re searching for consulting near me, Rare Strategies can deliver the results you desire no matter your industry. We’re familiar with various business sectors, so the only thing that matters to us is your willingness to change and your hunger to succeed. Whether you need consumer products consulting, real estate business consulting, or financial consulting in Winston-Salem, Rare Strategies is here to help. We take the time to understand your organization, compose rigorous reports, analyze every aspect of your business, and are always frank in our discussions.

We are local consultants! As business consultants near you in Winston-Salem, NC, we have experience working with the following industries:

  • Consumer Products
    • Consumer goods is an ever-evolving sector. With so many customer demands, shifting behaviors, and the need to maintain inventory, sometimes you need an independent, objective perspective. At Rare Strategies, consumer goods consulting is something we’re passionate about. Together, we can overcome financial and supply chain challenges in your business. We’ve worked with consumer products, retail, and wholesale companies and we are ready to help you.
  • Financial Services
    • In a field with constant competition, keeping an edge against competitors can be difficult. As a company specializing in financial consulting in Winston-Salem, Rare Strategies is here to help analyze your data and find out what makes you stand out against local competitors. We’ve previously worked with the following industries – commercial banking, consumer finance, retail banking, and investment management. If you need financial consulting near you, look no further.
  • Healthcare
    • The healthcare industry might be vast, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to forecast your financial future or generate consistent revenue. We provide healthcare consulting services in NC so you can protect your company’s assets and prepare for the future. f you’re running a dental practice, medical office, hospital or radiology practice, reach out to us to get started.
  • Real Estate
    • If you’re in real estate searching for consulting near me, Rare Strategies is here to assist. Through our previous experiences, we understand the need to have established systems and processes to make your business successful. As an objective source, we can help identify areas that need improvement. We have deep experience evaluating financial models for self-storage development projects and acquisitions as well as operating storage facilities across Canada. Let us guide you on your next self-storage project.

Why Work With Rare Strategies?

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated about the lack of profitability in your company, it’s time to work with a business consultant in Winston-Salem who knows how to help you reach your true potential. At Rare Strategies, we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Our two decades of experience and unconventional approach to our business management are just what you need to shake things up. We’re here to give advice that makes you feel uncomfortable because that’s how you’ll see a fundamental change in the way you do business.

If you need a consulting firm in North Carolina,  then it’s time to contact us and speak to our founder. Yes, really, our founder. That’s how serious we are about your success. 

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