Jason Koonin

Jason is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds an MBA with Honors from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelors in Economics from Princeton University.

Our History

Why Rare Strategies?

Why is our management consulting firm called Rare Strategies? Because our founder loves solving the most difficult and unusual problems, ones which other firms either lack the financial expertise or strategic brainpower to tackle. As a banking executive with a 20-year track record leading business turnarounds, Jason founded Rare Strategies to help businesses of all sizes, in industries beyond banking, do the same.

Our Success

A Track Record of Proven Results

Prior to founding Rare Strategies, Jason worked at BB&T for nearly 10 years. He was hired in 2010 to help the bank emerge from the financial crisis stronger, and less reliant on land and construction loans. As the Portfolio Strategies & Limits Manager he recommended the target loan mix for the corporation and implemented concentration limits. The concentration of land and construction loans was reduced from 21% to 4%.


After improving the risk profile of the bank, Jason saw a significant opportunity to help the bank grow loans. In 2014, he moved from the Risk Management Organization to the Community Bank to start the Product Management Group. As Head of Credit Product Management he led a successful business turnaround for an $11 billion direct retail lending portfolio. Annual loan growth improved from -3% to an industry-best +10%.


Prior to working at BB&T, Jason worked for Wachovia in Credit Portfolio Management. He was instrumental in developing a dashboard of key economic indicators to help inform macro credit hedges. During the financial crisis, Jason and his colleagues generated $700 Million in trading profits by predicting that declining home prices would lead to a recession and buying credit protection on large corporate and commercial real estate.


Case Studies

We have helped these frustrated business owners increase their profits by unlocking potential they couldn’t see so they could experience less stress, spend more time with their family and live the life of their dreams.

Is your business stuck in neutral?

See how we have helped others improve their products, maximize their revenue and make better decisions. Not used to consultants being so frank? To be frank, that’s why we exist.

Rare Strategies is an uncommon and unconventional management consulting firm based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We bring two decades of experience turning things around. We’ll provide you with the disruptive ideas you need when just pouring more money into the existing business isn’t working. What we won’t bring you is a paper paperweight with an expensive cover sheet.

Search no more. You have found the best consultant in Winston-Salem. Frankly, the best consultant in North Carolina. Contact us today.

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